About GC Alliance

Global connection logisticGlobal Connexion, the creation of St. Onge Company, Buck Consultants International, and Orient Logistics Engineering, has over 180 professional supply chain consultants and engineers globally teamed as appropriate for each client's specific needs. With local know-how blended with proven methodologies, processes and global perspective , GC has provided international enterprises and government institutes with supply chain strategy consulting services, logistics engineering planning & design, logistics infrastructure planning & design, and project management, etc.


tl_files/cms_contents/about/1.pngSt. Onge Company is a leading independent supply chain engineering company and has grown to a staff of over 85 people. Our primary business is planning, engineering, specification and implementation management, in support of industrial, commercial and institutional clients. St. Onge Company has grown steadily and developed a client list that includes many Fortune 500 companies, and, had been awarded “Top 100 Supply Chain Partners In The World” by Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies Magazine. It has over 500 clients located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, China and South America.

tl_files/cms_contents/about/2.pngBCI, a professional and independent supply chain engineering consultant and logistics real estate company, established in 1985, has grown to a staff of 65 consultants. The Primary business of BCI is to provide airport and seaport development, logistics real estate strategy consulting, supply chain optimization, business logistics development strategy, location advice to business clients. BCI has developed a client list that includes many Fortune 500 companies located throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and China.