OLE Consulting is an independent professional company specialized in supply chain engineering that was established in 1999. More than ten years, we insist on the independence of advice, from initial logistics center design to supply chain network strategic planning, we are growing along with the development of China’s logistics. We provided professional consulting services to industry high-end customers, such as Haier, Shanghai Pharmacy, Suning, Lianhua, Li Ning, China Mobile, Kraft, P&G, Staples, Caterpillar, etc..

We established an independent consulting team, and with America's largest logistics consulting company St.Onge and the European experienced supply chain consulting organization BCI jointly established GC Alliance, to provide global supply chain engineering consulting services.

OLE Development Process


1999 OLE was established in Xiamen
2000 OLE started to provide logistics system development consulting service to Haier Group for 4 years
2001 OLE headquarter moved to Shanghai
2002 OLE started to provide logistics consulting service for five projects of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2003 OLE started to provide supply chain strategy consulting service
2004 OLE together with St.Onge and BCI to established GC Alliance
2005 OLE provided consulting services to China Shenhua and P&G logistics project
2006 OLE provided supply chain network strategy consulting services to Suning and Kraft
2007 OLE provided logistics planning services to MG and Staples
2008 OLE provided logistics diagnosis and optimization services to Aurora home
2009 OLE successfully completed the supply chain planning projects for Li Ning and logistics center consulting project for China Mobile